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Old Earth Creationism vs. Young Earth Creationism;
How Old Is the Earth and the Universe?
George Lujack vs. Kent Hovind


Deeper Truth Blog Talk Radio Debates

Radio Debate #1: The Doctrine of the Trinity (2:01:44)

Radio Debate #2: A Discussion on Mary (1:58:00)

Radio Debate #3: The Sabbath Day (1:59:27)

Radio Debate #4: Mary’s Immaculate Conception (1:45:37)

Radio Debate #5: Sola Scriptura (1:37:45)

Radio Debate #6: Sola Fide (1:22:54)

Radio Debate #7: Alleged Idolatry (1:57:50)

Radio Debate #8: Was Peter the Rock? (1:50:57)

Radio Debate #9: Papal Infallibility (1:34:27)

Radio Debate #10: The Eucharist and the True Meaning of the Body and Blood of Christ (1:21:25)





Kent Hovind, Young Earth Creationist



Bill Nye, The Fake Science Guy



Stephen Hawking, Atheist Stargazing Storyteller



Rachel Oates, Microevolution vs. Macroevolution



Eric Philpot, The ‘Jewish’ Dietary Laws




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“American Independence Hour” with Alfred Adask featuring author George Lujack 10/24/17





“Mysteries of the Scriptures Revealed” at the Messianic Jewish Community Center, Arlington, Texas  11/3/17


“Scripture Prophecy Timeline” presented by George Lujack 11/3/17



“Will There Be an American /  Global Economic Collapse?” at the College of Complexes, Dallas, Texas 11/4/17